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Welcome to TourFit Golf's Website

Custom fitted golf clubs in Perth, Western Australia

At Tourfit Golf our goal is to make custom fitted golf clubs that suit you and your game, fit your style of play and will help improve your score.

We not only play and understand the game of golf but more importantly, we understand the needs, hopes and frustrations that golf presents to the people who play it. We also want to understand you as a golfer and apply our knowledge to improve your game. 

Here at Tourfit Golf we provide an alternative to the ‘off the rack’ or ‘one size fits all’ sets that often don’t feel right.

  1. You don’t buy shoes that don’t suit their purpose and certainly don’t buy ones that don’t fit!!
  2. Neither do you buy a suit completely ‘off the rack’ without being checked to see if it will fit!!

So why, therefore, would you do it with your golf clubs. At Tourfit Golf we offer the Perth golfer ‘golf club fitting’, where we custom build golf clubs to suit the individual.

Our exclusive, high performance golfing equipment is sourced directly from the same small number of quality manufacturing companies and foundries that form the community that supply many of the big name brands. Our products are made from the same materials, and feature similar design principles and manufacturing methods. Extensive in-house testing has proven that our heads, shafts and grips perform as well as, and in some cases better, than many of the higher priced name brand clubs.

Call us now for competitive prices and value for money…and watch your game improve!