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Our Tourfit Steel shafts are available in two designs, stepped and stepless. Each of these are available in two weight categories.

Gold Gold

The 'Gold' is a heavier, lower torque, stiffer tip design more suited to players with medium to fast tempos, stronger transition types and generally those with slightly above average swing speeds. The stiffer tip section and lower torque provides a firmer feel and aids in lowering ballflight.


The 'Platinum' is a lighter weight, softer tip design suited to a wider variety of players with slower to medium tempos who are also seeking less overall weight, a higher ballflight and launch characteristics as well as a softer, smoother impact feel.


Six of our seven putter models require straight shafts and we have available a stepped version and stepless version. The provide differing feel characteristics and the ability to match with choice of iron shaft (if appropriate).


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Featuring three models in this, our budget range.


  • Superlite: one of the lightest shafts available (~50g). Suitable for ladies, seniors and slower swing speeds. Available in woods and irons A/L and R flex.
  • Ultralite: easy to play, likeable shafts. Suitable for a wide range of players. Available in woods and irons in A/L, R and S flex.
  • Low Torque: Lightweight but lower torque rating and stiffer tip section makes this shaft play slightly stiffer and firmer in feel. More suitable for average to above average swing speeds and tempo. Available in woods and irons in R and S flex.

2 Tone

A lightweight wood and iron shaft. Soft to medium tip section gives exceptional feel and playability to a wide range of players available in A/L and R flex in an attractive mirror chrome finish, coloured band and black painted butt section. An alternative 2 tone wood shaft features slightly more weight, a stiff tip section and lower torque ratings. It is more suitable for slightly above average swing speeds, medium to fast tempos or more aggressive transition. Particularly good when using steel shafts in irons but preferring using graphite shafts in woods.

Ion Metallic

These shafts form our premium shaft range. Featuring a stunning ion metallic paint finish they look classy and impressive, especially in full sunlight!

Made up of two iron shafts, the first is a lightweight, soft to medium tip design suited to a wide range of players and swing types (available A/L and R flex) while the second is a heavier, stiffer tip design shaft with lower torque rating. This shaft is more suited to players with higher swing speeds, more aggressive tempo and transition tendencies. (Available in R and S flex).

Two wood shafts are also available within this range. While both feature an ultra light design, one has a firmer tip section, wider mid-section width yet higher torque ratings. This results in a mid to high ball flight and a "firmer" feeling at impact. The other feature a much lower torque rating but has a softer tip section with a thinner mid-section width (constant taper design). The softer tip gives a "softer" impact feel and exhibits a higher launch angle. Both suit a wide range of players and swing characteristics but offer significant differences in feel, something that is personal and CANNOT be measured.