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2, 3, 4Hybrids Hybrids

Our premium range features 17-4 stainless steel construction with a thinner maraging face, allowing a 'hot' feel at impact. Specifically engineered to be made to standard iron lengths and so therefore become 'true' long iron replacements. Smaller profiles and volumes gives excellent workability and narrower sole reduces contact with grass/turf for more solid shot making from rough. Finished in a rich black lacquer with striking brushed satin "v" top line to aid alignment and a polished/satin sole design. This club plays as good as it looks!


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2, 3, 4, 5Hybrids Hybrids

Our value for money range. This design features weight screws allowing a more rearward C.O.G. and also a far easier customization of swing weights. A larger profile than that of the premium range, these hybrids offer more forgiveness and versatility whilst still providing playability. A cambered sole design gives relief from rough and more difficult lies.

A forward leading edge helps create more lift and higher launch angle at impact.

Finished in attractive black lacquer with bold metallic silver top line to aid alignment and accuracy of set up.