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From fairly humble beginnings, Tourfit Golf is embarking on a journey to not only fit golfers to clubs more suitable to them as individuals, but also provide some information and education that there are alternatives available to them regarding their equipment.

We are passionate about golf. We are passionate about our brand and its performance AND we are passionate about helping to improve your golf game. IT IS WHAT WE DO!

For too long most information and knowledge of golf equipment has been through the marketing campaigns of the big name brands. Multi-million dollar budgets are used to SELL their brands in a competitive market through the many golf publications, television channels and campaigns as well as through extensive tour sponsorship of players. While their information is not wrong per se, it is highly established and often does not reflect the true and necessary information required for a golfer to make an informed decision.

Most golfers buy based on a few common threads – brand, reinforced by the OEM companies, and budget. Neither of these two main buying factors necessarily provide any performance benefits to a golfer. Of course, those big name brands are quality products and good clubs, but the major point is that the club has to suit in the first place regardless of brand.

A golf club has many specifications (about 19 or 20!) that can be altered to suit an individual. Some have more effect than others, but it is important to realise that certainly the major specifications are changeable and have a big effect on the playability of the club in an individual’s hands. For example an incorrect lie angle, say 2°, can lead to nearly 10 yards inaccuracy at the target distance!

Information, and more importantly correct information, is a valuable thing for golfers. Understanding not only How in golf but Why can make a vast difference to playing better golf. It is a game that relies on the laws of physics and within those laws the key to the game exist. There are many myths that must be dispelled (the why part) to help golfers achieve better scores. The laws of physics are constant and cannot be changed so it is extremely unlikely, for example, that a senior golfer with an 80mph swing speed could hit an 8.5° driver further than a 12° driver. It is also unlikely that the same swing could result in 250m drives.

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